Don’t you wish you had the power and zeal of a champion? And that you could punch your way out of the monotonous routines and obnoxious people from your life? Sounds unbelievable, right? But, we do have a solution here. It’s time to unleash the Mary Kom in you! Power, unabashed guts and an attitude of a winner. Yes, that’s all you need! Here’s our step-by-step guide on how to unleash the Mary Kom in you. Read on:

The Training

Hardcore workout
Before you can knock anyone’s socks off, you need some training. Here we are talking about hardcore training in nature. It’s time to burn some fat, fellas! Go do some weight-training, stretching and kick-boxing. Soon you will be the master.


Distraction is not acceptable. While training you need to be focused and determined. Try to remember the faces of all the annoying people in your life. There you go… do you feel the energy?


The making of a champion
Once you are focused, it’s time to zero-down on a goal. But being a champ is not an easy task. Train some more, until you perfect your moves.


The Ring
Bam! Kapow! It’s okay if you are doing imaginary punches in the air. After exhausting sessions of training you might hallucinate a bit. But you’ll get over the imaginary opponent as soon as you face the real deal.


The Real Deal

India Mera Dharm Hai
"Oh, you are from North-East! Do you eat dogs?" Next time someone asks you this question, just answer, "Oh yes, I love those, but I prefer humans." In case it doesn’t work, it’s time to strike those people hard and let them know you are as much Indian as them.


Do what you love
Be a real champ and always do what you love. There will be obstacles but you can overcome those. Follow the wise words of Shifu: Anything is possible when you have inner peace.


Fighter kabhi haar nahi manta!
One rule of being a champion – never ever give up. You might be piled up with deadlines, assignments and never-ending demands of your boss. Don’t lose your confidence and just carry on with your job. You rule! At times you might feel like a sloth, but that’s okay.


Train some more
Always remember your training rituals. More you train, more you gain.


Need some more inspiration? This Friday the most-awaited film of the year – Mary Kom, is releasing, starring Priyanka Chopra in a kickass avatar. Don’t miss this inspiring biopic on the life of five-time World Boxing champion, Mary Kom. The film traces Mary Kom’s life as a champion, a wife and a mother.

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