Highly Awaited Movies Releasing This Week in Every Language

Independence Day 2019 turned out to be a big day for Indian cinema as many highly awaited films finally made their release. As they continue to rake in box office numbers, there are many more films set to give them competition this week. After Mission Mangal and Batla House, Bollywood seems to have taken a break but every other film industry in India is all geared up with new releases. And Hollywood is joining the battle with three big movie releases. So before you make any grand plans for the weekend, here are the movie releases of the week you need to check out:


DirectorThurop Van OrmanJohn Rice
CastJason SudeikisJosh GadDanny McBrideLeslie JonesBill HaderAwkwafina
Language: English (primary), Hindi, Tamil, Telugu

The popular video game was first adapted for the big screen in 2016 with the release of The Angry Birds Movie. Now, the sequel reunites the grumpy bunch of flightless birds and the crafty green pigs against a new enemy and promises lots of fun.


DirectorAlexandre Aja
CastKaya ScodelarioBarry Pepper
Language: English

In the middle of a devastating hurricane in Florida, a young woman ignores the evacuation orders and goes out in search of her missing father. The duo soon finds themselves trapped in the floods with a greater threat emerging in the form of gigantic alligators.


DirectorRic Roman Waugh
CastGerard ButlerMorgan Freedom
Language: English

A Secret Service agent faces the greatest test of his professional and personal life when he is framed for the attempted assassination of the US President. He must now evade the FBI and his own agency in order to hunt down the real threat and prove his innocence.


DirectorAmar Wiswaraj
CastLakshya SinhaSahiti
Language: Telugu

Fifteen-year-old Mahi Teja’s little world revolves around his family, school, friends, and his crush Varna. As the academic year draws to a close, Mahi learns that Varna has earned a seat in a prestigious institution in another city and that he is at the risk of losing her forever.


CastJoju GeorgeNyla UshaChemban Vinod
Language: Malayalam

Set in 1985 against the backdrop of a church festival in Thrissur, the film revolves around the lives of a rowdy man, an aristocratic woman, and their mutual friend. The story goes on to explore the themes of friendship, love, and revenge.


DirectorVinay Balaji
CastKishore Kumar G.PriyamaniMayuri KyatariArjun Yogesh Raj
Language: Kannada

A new suspenseful crime-thriller, the story of Nanna Prakara intertwines three distinct stories to form a riveting narrative that explores the philosophy of Karma: what goes around, comes around.


DirectorSmeep Kang
CastBinnu DhillonKulraj RandhawaUpasana Singh
Language: Punjabi

Shivinder wants to be a songwriter but is met by opposition from his wife. Before he can choose between his family and his dreams, his wife leaves him and returns to her parents’ house with their daughter. Now Shivinder has no option but to find a way to win them back.


DirectorNandita Roy, Shiboprosad Mukherjee
CastAnashua MajumdarNigel Akkara
Language: Bengali

An elderly woman strikes a unique bond with an ex-convict who is entrusted with her care. Gotro is a poignant take on a mother-son relationship with a heartwarming story of love, faith, and redemption with a message of strong communal harmony.


DirectorVijaygiri Bava
CastMaulik NayakAarohi Patel
Language: Gujarati

Since childhood, Montu has been in love with Bittu but even when Bittu’s marriage is being discussed, he doesn’t find the courage to express his feelings. And that’s not the only problem as the prospective suitor Abhinav makes things even more complicated for him.

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