Very Short Films: A Minute or Two

When we hear of short films, we generally think of a ten-minute long film because we assume that’s the least amount of time required to make a sensible movie. But creativity isn’t limited by space or time. And filmmakers prove this, time and again. There’re films that are categorised under very short films. These are a minute or so long films. Many of such films have managed to enchant and entertain us with their brevity and content. Crisp and to the point, these films span across all genres and range from carrying social messages to just making its audience laugh. 

A Tale of Momentum & Inertia – Stash Creative
An intensely creative way to use VFX and entertain. This one is surely a winner! It’s even on Vimeo’s Staff Picks

Chotta India – OneReelStudios
A film with a social message at the end. An impactful way to make a statement. 

Breathe – Erlendur Sveinsson
This film won the best one-minute film at the Reykjavík International Film Festival (RIFF). How’s that for a testimonial?

What’s Virgin Mean – Exclusive Short Films
A comedy film that’ll definitely make you smile! 

Tell us which one did you enjoy the most?