We’re all guilty of weaving a story in our heads that we wish would come true. For some of us, it might be about meeting our soulmate. For others, it might be about landing their dream job. But what would happen if these stories came true?

Vicky and Sam follows three writers, who set out to write the next fairytale romance. The only catch? Everything they say comes true! Right from the couple’s declaration of love to their first fight. But what happens when the writers realize that they’ve inadvertently been playing God the whole time?

On the surface, Vicky and Sam seems like a run-of-the-mill rom-com. However, the short film has a darker side too. And one that it showcases remarkably. The film effortlessly blends comedy, romance and drama, making it interesting for everyone, no matter what they like.

A large chunk of the short film’s appeal is due to its acting. Tinghui Zhang and Andrew Hlinsky, who play the titular couple, are a delight to watch together. Though we would’ve loved to see more of them, they manage to win us over in the little screen-time they have. However, the real backbone of the film are Jolyn Janis, Luke Ashlocke and Daniel Moore. Through their portrayal of the writers, they perfectly depict the dichotomy of having all that power and not wanting to misuse it. Their performances also pose some difficult questions about morality, power and ultimately, love. This adds an unexpected depth and beauty to a film that could’ve easily been an unfunny "comedy". Kudos to them!

Don’t just take our word for it, though. Watch Vicky and Sam‘s unconventional love story here: