The newest addition to the LEGO movie franchise, The LEGO Ninjago Movie is exactly what it sounds like – a movie about LEGO Ninjas. The previous two LEGO movies had been huge hits. This one has a whole new setting not related to the previous film but has a whole new cast – which means exciting new characters. These are the voices behind The LEGO Ninjago Movie. 

Master Wu – Jackie Chan

Who can better voice a martial arts expert than Jackie Chan? He's no amateur at voice acting either – he's the voice of Monkey in Kung Fu Panda series and also voiced a character in Nut Job 2. 


Dave Franco – Lloyd Garmadon

Dave Franco had been in The LEGO Movie as Wally, one of the construction workers.  Now he's voicing the hero of LEGO Ninjago – Lloyd Garmadon. 


Kai – Michael Peña

Michael Peña is a familiar face in Hollywood who's been in movies like Antman and The Martian. He's voicing the green ninja.


Cole – Fred Armisen

Fred Armisen is a well-known actor, comedian, voice actor, and musician. He's voicing the red ninja, Cole. 


Jay – Kumail Nanjiani

He's known for Silicon Valley and The Big Sick, but Kumail's also done many voice roles for animated shows like Bojack Horseman, Bob's Burgers, and Adventure Time. Now, he's playing the black ninja, Jay. 


Zane – Zach Woods

Zach Woods has also co-starred with Kumail Nanjiani on Silicon Valley. He's voicing the blue ninja, Zane. 


Nya – Abbi Jacobson

A recurring voice actor on the series Bojack Horseman as Emily, Abbi Jacobson is giving voice to the white ninja, Nya. 


Lord Garmadon – Justin Theroux

The voice of the evil warlord and Lloyd's father will be given by Justin Theroux. 


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