What to expect from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Yet another super-hit comic and television series is all set to come alive on celluloid. If you are aware of New York’s sewer system, a mutant rat who is a master of martial arts and his four super-charged sword-wielding turtles then you surely are a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle fan. The first-look of the immensely-popular and loved comic television series being made into a motion picture was unveiled recently. And by whatever few glimpses that the first cut gave, it surely didn’t disappoint.



The movie is expected to be a lot more intense and edgy in its approach, quite different than most of the TMNT series that dealt with the theme of the movie in a funnier and comical way. With a very good star cast that includes Megan Fox, Will Arnett and William Fichtner the characters would surely come to life with great acting. The martial arts and stunts that remains the centerpiece of Ninja Turtle series would feel a lot more real and intriguing with cutting-edge computer graphics. The only hitch probably is that the ninjas in their beautifully-designed armor suit look a lot more adult and not exactly teenagers. Nevertheless, the movie looks set to give its fans a Ninja treat after a considerable gap.

What to expect from Sin City: A Dame to Kill for
The long wait is finally over. The sequel to the widely-acclaimed and popular Sin City is here, the one and a half-minute teaser shows that the movie retains its black and white theme for the film with selected objects being in color, something for which it was immensely praised. Dame to kill for is mainly based on the second book of the Sin City series written by Miller. The trailer hits you hard and leaves almost a haunting impression on the viewers. Expect it to be more violent and dark than the first part. The movie is sure to drain you out with heart-pumping throughout the film.
The cast remains the same and so does the director. It’s been a long wait of more than 8 years for the Sin City fans and let me tell you, this one is not to be missed for anything.
Here’s a glimpse from Sin City (2005) to refresh your memory:
By Shreyas Shetty

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