When it comes to thrillers, the movies that first come to mind from the recent past are – Sin City 2, Prisoners, Now You See Me, Taken etc. But this film – A Walk Among the Tombstones – leaves a predictably dry after-taste.

The film deals with psychopaths, drug dealers and kidnapping– the regular drill, which is fine. You will find yourself guessing what comes next. Since it is a predictable story, you are not really going to enjoy the way the plot develops. The film features Mr. “I will hunt you, I will find you, and then I will kill you” a.k.a Liam Neeson. An ex-cop who chose to walk away from the force with dignity. Eventually, Liam Neeson turns into a private investigator who does favors in exchange for gifts. Yes, like we earlier mentioned, the usual. We all know that we jump like little girls due to the sheer presence of Neeson, and in this version, he does not disappoint anyone. Keep a look out for the incredibly good-looking and talented supporting cast.
Though the film did not have many special effects yet it manages to deliver a brilliant feel of the 90s local bars and streets. Director and writer Scott Frank keeps the suspense up as Liam gets closer to the truth. Carlos Rafael Rivera offers a score that is unexpectedly melodic, yet entirely in sync with the movie. A Walk Among the Tombstones turns out to be a propulsive drama which is not usually seen in any average private detective story.
Why should you watch this movie ?
Well, you can expect the best of Liam Neeson in A Walk Among the Tombstones. He did what he does the best, kicking the bad guy’s butt. This movie is a must watch if you are a die-hard Liam Neeson fan. A Walk Among the Tombstones will be notable for its dark atmosphere and strong performance by Liam Neeson.

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