Produced by BBC and named after its known television documentary mini-series by the same name, the film, Walking with Dinosaurs (3D) makes no bones about having ruined your movie-watching experience. Yes, it does that and with an added force by various other factors used by the mavericks in making this film. 

Directed by Neil Nightingale and Barry Cook, the film is a story of an underdog dinosaur who with wits and quick decision-making skills rises to be a pack leader. He triumphs and becomes the hero of the age. He follows his heart and the teachings of his father, whom he idolizes. The story of the film revolves around three Pachyrhinosaurus – Scowler, Patchi and Juniper. Juniper is Patchi’s lady-love, courage and strength. It is for the love of Juniper that Patchi braves the odds and fights the ugly, wicked Gorgosaurus; nails them down and wins the love of not just Juniper, but his pack as well. Later we see the story taking a sweet turn as the cute li’l Patchi, now becomes a proud father.
The film’s story takes place in a flashback where an Uncle of two – paleontologist by profession – takes his nephew and niece on an excavation spree. The trio – an over-excited uncle, a cheerful niece and an disinterested-in-digging-fossil-and-remains nephew – come across some huge chunks of Dino remains. The disinterested nephew, however, meets a terrible-looking Raven who reiterates the story of Patchi’s bravado, rather sings ballads of Patchi’s bravery!
The film has some extreme turn-offs which will deter the spirits of even a child! The pre-historic adventure has some not-so-funny-jokes, poop jokes to be specific. The dialogues are extremely crass. And, they may sound profane to a well-trained adult mind.
Further, the freezing of the screen to explain the Dino type. So you get to share the paleontologist’s knowledge, however, it does seem like the filmmakers just flung a googly at you and you didn’t even realize that! A complete bouncer, it turns out to be.
The narration dulls the mood further. With more fabled style of narration, all-the-suns-kissing-the-horizons type of narrative, you get a feel that you are listening to a bedtime story. Difference? The bedtime stories are more amusing than this one. But this one can certainly put you to sleep! What follows in the narration flaw is the raven narrating the story and then the mingling of the voice-over which may leave the viewer confused. Adding to the confusion is the communication that takes place between the characters. The protagonists are seen talking to each other but the older Dino daddies and mommies are mum. Why so?
Inspite of faltering at these many levels, the film does have something to brag about and one can sum it in these points:
The well-crafted beasts who do not look surreal but more alive and lively. You can spot every feather and fur, crease and skin fold of the creatures while watching the film.
The music and the 3D effect of the film, even if not exceptional, add to the thrill of watching this film.
A plus point is the fight sequences amongst the predators.
And more fun is hearing the tiny, squeaky voices of the li’l ones.

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