Verdict: A satirical film that shows how war has become a business.

Todd Phillips, who introduced us to the side-effects of an insane drunken night with his Hangover trilogy, is back in action with a true story called War Dogs. This one has got all the scoop that let’s you in on the shady arms dealings of the U.S. military. The astounding aspect of this film is to watch Jonah Hill and Miles Teller play the role of twenty-something stoner best friends, who become arms dealers by swindling their way into the system to earn big bucks.

The film begins with Teller (David Packouz) being held at gun point by a goon at a very shady industrial location in Albania. War Dogs then moves to flashback mode and shows how Teller lived a completely ordinary life a couple of years ago. Back then he was a certified massage therapist who also sold luxury bed sheets to old age homes on the side. It was pretty much slim-pickings for him and his girlfriend especially with a baby on the way. On the other hand, Hill (Efraim Diveroli) is a typical sleaze who looks for opportunities to con his way to glory.

Years after middle-school, David and Efraim run into each other at a funeral, and thereon things change for them forever. Efraim tries to be a good friend to David by getting him in on his arms business to help him with the finances. David has his reservation about the business at first, but Efraim smooth talks him into it. And, that marks the beginning of war dogs. The main aim of their business is to cash in on a lot of money by finding loopholes in the contracts of small arms deals (pie crumbs) put up on the government-run website. That’s how they score a contract in Iraq and go through a tumultuous time to complete their deal. They even cheat death by the skin of their teeth to get their hands on the money. This mission puts them on the map, and they start aiming for the entire pie instead of the crumbs. If you enjoy such war stories, you are in for a treat. So, get on this crazy adventure of David and Efraim to know how they manage to strike a big deal with the Pentagon.

This is one of those films that you watch for light humor but then in the end you are struck with a hard reality that makes you question the workings of the government and the morals of opportunists like Efraim. Jonah Hill has perfectly played the role of Efraim. From his Scarface references to his odd laugh, everything is spot on. Miles Teller has also upped his game in this one. Bradley Cooper's is a short role but effective enough.

Why You Should Watch This Movie:
Watch War Dogs for a reality check on how war has lost its significance and has now become a business for every opportunist. It really cannot get simpler than this. The film also has plenty of funny and thrilling moments that will keep you engaged and entertained.