You know the best thing about a short film? You can deliver a lot in just a few minutes. Of course, it can go terribly wrong if your story loses its focus. Thankfully for Watermelon, director Pranav Harihar Sharma‘s script doesn’t waiver. 

Watermelon was one of the short films I watched at the Jagran Film Festival this year in Mumbai. In a span of eight minutes, it achieves three very important things. First, it introduces us to the two main characters and their story, Joseph (Hanif Shaikh) and Meena (Parull Chaudhary). Second, it goes on to build a scene with limited resources, but a strong theme. And third, it manages to keep the audience gripped till the very end. 
Meena is a victim of domestic violence. Joseph who lives across from her, hears her wails but continues to ignore it until one day, he can’t take the screams anymore. He decides to teach the wife-beater a lesson. He though finds something that is shocking. The victim turns into the perpetrator. What follows is an interesting cover-up that might just help her get away. But, will it be enough to save Meena? 
Watermelon cannot be described as a thriller but it has enough tact and suspense to keep you engaged. Watch the trailer here and enjoy another short film marvel: