It is one of those days of the year when you can showcase proudly your love for your favorite movie, book or game. You can step out in the sun wearing a dress your favorite character made popular and go around chasing Pokémon or wave out your wands in your cloaks. 

Get out those accessories, which make your parents question your age and even sanity. It is Embrace Your Geekiness Day. Embrace it with pride. A geek is a person who is said to be extremely passionate about a certain topic and they can go on for hours talking about it. There are those who might love to celebrate a day like this but don’t really want to go all out. For them, we have compiled a list for a few fandoms on how they can subtly embrace their geekiness today.

Harry Potter

Geekiness - BookMyShowFor all the fans of The Boy Who Lived! There is no need to dress in robes from Madam Malkin’s and go on the streets with wands. The Muggles won’t take it well. You can instead wear the Philosopher’s Stone on your neck or a Golden Snitch around your wrist. For those who didn’t get their Hogwarts Letter, it might seem just a pretty accessory but the others will know. You can also wear the colors of your favorite house or Quidditch team and enjoy this day of being a Potterhead with a Butterbeer.

Lord of the Rings

Geekiness - BookMyShowThe easiest thing to do is wearing the ring around your neck (you know what happens when you put it on your finger) or you can wear a set of Arwen’s Evenstar earrings. For the men, you can get a belt buckle with your favorite character on it. You can even braid your hair like Arwen and spend the day feeling like a princess. Whatever you chose to do, don’t forget to have two breakfasts.


Geekiness - BookMyShowWear a cap with your favorite superhero’s symbols or the Avengers logo. Decorate your bag with some cool bag tags as you flaunt your fandom. Looking for new ways to store your data; Avengers-themed pen drives might be your best purchase yet. Don’t forget to have some shawarma after a hard day at work.

Game of Thrones

Geekiness - BookMyShowWear your favorite house colors with some Daenerys-like braids and you are all set. You can always add the pin of the hand of the king or a ring with your favorite house’s logo. Let all the Houses of Westeros protect you from the rain with this cool umbrella. If you have a flair for art, let your nails do the talking with some amazing nail art.

Star Wars

Geekiness - BookMyShowSpace buns is the easiest thing you could do to make a subtle yet strong statement of your support to the fandom. Do not even attempt to mimic Jar Jar Binks, but doing a Yoda here and there should be fun. Use a miniature lightsabre as a letter opener or chopsticks.

Doctor Who

Geekiness - BookMyShowFor all the Whovians out there who are eating fish finger and custard wearing a Fez, after you finish your meal, go blue today with the color of the Tardis. Wear a pendant with a hanging Tardis or a Weeping Angel and if you are feeling brave you can also go with a Dalek pendant. Don’t forget to say Allonsy or Geronimo based on your favorite doctor before you start a new task.
Get going, it is the day to display your fandom with pomp and grandeur or subtly. Share with us your ideas in the comments below and share ours with your friends.