Welcome to the MCU, Colossus!

Finally, after years of hoping and praying that this behemoth of a character will make it to the big screen in a ‘good, accurate to the comics’ Marvel movie, it’s finally happened. We knew that Colossus will be a part of the upcoming Deadpool movie, but we didn’t know to what extent! Well, recently, the notable X-Man made an appearance in the Deadpool trailer. However, we weren’t quite sure about how he factored into the actual film. For most comic cynics, there is always the pressing matter of how Marvel and Fox just add characters to titillate fans all over the world. Now we know for sure, that isn’t going to be the case with Deadpool!

The creator of Deadpool, Rob Liefeld spoke about the character, and how he factored in Colossus. Here’s a quote:

"You guys have seen a glimpse of him in the trailer; at San Diego in Hall H, they showed a little bit more of Colossus…You are going to love Colossus in Deadpool. He’s in it a good amount; he doesn’t just walk through the movie."

However, he also made sure to mention that since Deadpool and Colossus don’t exactly have a lot of story arcs to cover, they’ve made up a few of their own. Colossus, a mostly underused character, who is only added for his brawn, has finally gotten his due. While we still do not know how he will be used, we’re glad he’s there. It is also worth mentioning that Deadpool does have a few foul-mouthed comments about the big brute.

Ah, February 2016, why you no come sooner?!