Over the years, we have all seen movies that we connected to. Flicks that had stories to which we could relate or stories that really surprised us in the end. The point is, Bollywood has seen some strong plot points when it comes to mainstream cinema. Have you ever imagined how a movie would turn out if it was played in reverse? The plot of the film would play backwards and suddenly, the entire meaning would change, wouldn’t it? Sounds fun? Sure does. Here is a list of 5 movies with their plots in reverse. Do these films still make sense to you? Read on and find out!

1. Badlapur
The movie that presented Varun Dhawan in a mature, angry role was a great action-thriller. If you think about it, the movie in reverse is the story of a lonely serial killer who tortures a man and his girlfriend. Eventually, he falls in love with a beautiful woman and ends up having a baby.
2. Dil Dhadakne Do
Zoya Akhtar’s star-studded film about a weird family going on a cruise would have a totally different meaning it was played in reverse. If you watch this movie backwards, it shows how a perfect family starts hating each other and problems arise after a 10-day cruise.
3. Kick
Salman Khan’s blockbuster hit where he is nothing less than a superhero. Ever imagined how the plot would turn out if it was played in reverse? Play this movie in reverse and you find an evil genius who falls in love with the girl he hates and eventually ends up living a normal life.
4. Hera Pheri
This classic comedy, which always makes us laugh, is considered a flawless film by many. Play it in reverse and the meaning of the entire movie changes completely. If this movie was played in reverse, it would be about 3 rich men donating money to an old man, which creates chaos. All this leaves the 3 rich men with no money and the struggle to make ends meet.
5. Dhoom 2
A film filled with adrenaline and gravity-defying stunts, Dhoom 2 was all about a clever thief who became a good man. You know the routine now, chuck play and pause. Press reverse! This would be a movie about a nice couple meeting a cop and returning priceless stolen items to their original places. Sadly, the couple would be separated in the end.
So this is what happens when you play movies in reverse. Let us know if you have any movies in mind that would be hilarious if played in reverse.