The Brits are known for a lot of things, a wry sense of humor being one of them. And Andy Hamilton and Guy Jenkins know all about it. The makers of BBC TV sitcom ‘Outnumbered’ have made their first feature film and they surely didn’t disappoint the audience. What we did on our holiday has it all. The story is fable-like with a hint of tragedy and lots of tongue-in-cheek humor. We have seen a lot of dysfunctional families on screen, but this one definitely takes the cake. Hamilton and Jenkins’ portrayal of kids behaving like mature adults has a perfect balance of humor and poignancy and is full of surprises.

The film starts of on a light note, with the McLeod family scurrying 
to get to Scotland for granddads 75th birthday. Doug (David Tennantand Abi (Rosamund Pike) are handling three boisterous kids, between a messy divorce and still pretending to live a normal life. Things are no different with Doug’s brother Gavin (Ben Miller). Amidst all the secrets and lies, the kids steal the show with their spot on humor and beguiling charm. Every actor’s performance in the film is noteworthy and the chemistry between Bill Connolly and the children is just adorable.

The film is shot in a manner which makes you feel like you’re watching 
it on a kitchen television above your fridge rather than a multiplex. But once you adjust to the inept lighting, you’ll notice that the thing that you’re watching has sincerity and genuine charm. The film is sympathetically directed and has a lot to say about family life and the inevitiability of death.

Why you should watch this film?
What We Did on Our Holiday is a film that promised a good deal and delivered even more. It is briskly paced, well shot and complements the gorgeous scenery adeptly. This is a hilarious film with a lot of heart, but will also have you shedding a tear or two as the story progresses.

By Ekta Shetty