We all know Tanisha Mukherjee as the lesser-known child of Tanuja and the sister of the very famous Kajol.

Tanisha who hasn’t had a very flattering Bollywood career, decided to step into the Bigg Boss House, this season for obvious reasons.

For the longest time, her stay in the house was pleasant. However, with the passage of time, she went from being the most-loved to the most-gossiped about person in the Bigg Boss House.

Sure, her tactics have managed to grant her enough footage to keep her in the limelight. But it hasn’t helped her already tarnished media image.


Why tarnished you ask?

Tanisha was infamously-known for her relationship with the not-so good-looking (apologize for being blunt, but #truestory) Uday Chopra. Infamous, because after she lost her baby fat, she shed most of her clothing for YRF’s Neal ‘n’ Nikki. The film also contained a horribly-shot smooch between the two leads (Uday Chopra and Tanisha). Apart from Sarkar and Sarkar Raj, I don’t remember her putting in a commendable performance anywhere else.

After having tried her hand at films, and failing miserably if compared to the lineage of actors that she comes from, two being her own mother and sister, Tanisha had one opportunity to bring herself back into the spotlight – The Bigg Boss House.

First, people looked upon her as the lesser-famous or rather, unsuccessful actress daughter of Tanuja and sister of Kajol. But now, after her behavior in the Bigg Boss house, she will be called many names and none of these are going to help her grab a film offer. (or maybe it will)

Cut to: Thought Bubble
I can totally imagine Tanuja slap her across her face, the day she steps out of the Big Boss House. Probably saying, "Nalayak"

Coming back…
Tanisha, an educated woman from one of India’s premier film families allows herself to be verbally-abused by a man, who can be termed as a typical "loser" and "bully". The man in question is Armaan Kohli. Armaan too, is an unsuccessful actor who comes from a filmy family.

Kohli has become synonymous with rude, crude attitude and as an exponent of bad language.

He treats Tanisha as per his whims and fancies. When in a bad mood, he hurls abuses at her, and whenever he feels left out in the house he addresses her as his "precious". What remains the most-disturbing fact is that Tanisha doesn’t revolt when he speaks to her in such a derogatory manner. Instead, she looks up to him with puppy dog eyes and says that, "Tum mere saath aisa kyun karte ho?". Is Tanisha, the "Mother of All Sorrows" of some black and white film? No, she isn’t. Because she very well reciprocates to bad attitude when it’s being meted out by other male or female members in the house.

But why this partiality with Armaan Kohli? Armaan is a 40-something, unsuccessful, spoilt brat, and has no regard for anyone’s feelings and sentiments, a bully of the highest order and also someone who is capable of causing physical harm.

Tanisha’s portrayal of herself is worse than the saas’ and the bahu’s of Indian Television. It seems like she is on a mission to destroy the reputation that her filmy family has built for itself. There have been rumors that both Ajay Devgn and Salman Khan are requesting Colors Television to evict her from the show. However, Tanisha’s antics have granted Bigg Boss Season 7 huge TRPs and this is primarily the reason why they won’t let her get evicted so easily.

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