Everything in this world has a role to play and so is with our movies. The role of a movie is to basically convey what the entire film crew wants to show you. A core idea or philosophy is what lies at the center and the movie script is woven around this single idea. A movie’s key role is to convey this central concept to its audiences as interestingly as possible. While some movies sparkle with marvellous ideas at their core, there are some others that are too shabby to stick to any particular thread and just scatter hither and tither.

We are interested in the former ones and have listed down some of the most thought provoking movies and the one vital element they focussed on.

Star Wars
star-wars-2No one is alien to this space saga that revolutionised the art of filmmaking during that period. Fans of Star Wars are not just thrilled to watch the incredible action taking place in the hyperspace light years away, but have also come to believe in the Force that gives their heroes power to strike off the evil. This benevolent invisible cumulative energy has its origins in various world religions and therefore continues to have relevance even today.

In the words of Ben Obi-Wan Kenobi, 

Force is an energy field created by all living things. It surrounds us, penetrates us, and binds the galaxy together.

The Purge
the-purge-compressedThis movie is what can be our worst nightmare considering the deteriorating society we live in. The American government, in the year 2022, sanctions 12 hours of chaos allowing citizens to release their pent up frustrations and violent instincts, without any restriction. The film has the concept of dystopia at its heart which refers to a political structure that is undesirable or scary. The underlining message of the film was that catharsis of aggression can help in lowering crimes and attain the final goal of a civilised society. Scary though it may sound, there have been supporters of this theory. Whether they are right or wrong, only time will tell. 

seven-compressedOne of the best psycho-thrillers in Hollywood, Se7en is also David Fincher’s finest product. Though the movie had sub-elements surrounding other characters, the principal element was the concept of the seven deadly sins. A maniac’s pledge to kill these sinners was the central plot. These seven deadly sins, aka cardinal vices, have an origin in the early orthodox Christian Church and are an excess of our natural desires or passions. Pride, greed, lust, envy, gluttony, wrath and sloth comprise the list. 

The Dark Knight
the-dark-knight-compressedThe concepts of power, responsibility, triumph of good over evil, anarchy (represented by The Joker) and order (Batman), citizenry and criminals; every concept of a political state is explored in the film, which at the end, puts vital questions to us as humans first and audience later. To sum it up, the movie discovers the true philosophy behind human nature and its power to either bring order or create anarchy. 

inception-explained-compressedChristopher Nolan’s fascinating subjects are one of his trademarks. Be it Inception, Interstellar or The Prestige, this man has an amazing talent to spin incredible tales with strong characters. Dreams are a mysterious and a highly interesting reality of our lives. The core beliefs and philosophy behind this reality were propounded by the big daddies like Socrates and Descartes. These are explored in Inception from the director’s own point of view. This makes for a must watch in every movie buff’s list.

-Gladis Monteiro