Hollywood is filled with talented actors but there are a few actors who are gifted with an amazing sense of humor in addition to their acting skills, and they sure know how to make the best use of it. Wondering what’s the big deal about that? Well, thanks to that, these celebrities have managed to pull some epic pranks on their co-stars that will make your jaw drop. Curious to find out what they did? Read on to know more.

Justin Bieber
Remember how parents tell you to be careful while playing with fireworks? Justin does the opposite and almost makes Taylor Swift have an emotional meltdown.

Jared Leto
While playing the role of Joker in Suicide Squad, Leto got into the character completely and presented his co-stars some unusual gifts such as a rat and a dead pig. And in an interview with Jimmy Fallon, he continues his gifting tradition and makes him scream like a banshee.

Jimmy Kimmel is a total prankster but Rihanna gets him real good by hijacking his bedroom. You should see Kimmel's face when he tries to process the whole thing.

Miley Cyrus
Back in 2012 when Miley and Liam Hemsworth were going strong, Miley with the help of Punk’d decide to troll Liam. Things go as per plan and you get to see Liam’s protective side. So cute yet a little terrifying!

Ashton Kutcher
In the first episode of Punk’d, Ashton pranks Justin Timberlake by making him believe that all his possessions have been seized by the IRS and he can only get it back if he pays a hefty fine of USD 900,000. Justin gets the shock of his life and starts tearing up a little. Ouch.

Justin Timberlake and Ashton Kutcher

Chris Pratt
In Parks and Recreation, while shooting a scene Chris pranks Amy Poehler and Rashida Jones by flashing them in an attempt to get a perfect reaction out of them for the scene.

Ellen DeGeneres
On her talk show, she has scared a lot of celebrities with her pranks. But Matt Lauer, American television journalist, gives it back to her by stuffing her car with thousands of ping pong balls.


If you thought Ellen would accept defeat, well, she gave it back to him at the Emmy Awards.

George Clooney
Brad Pitt and Clooney are good friends and ace pranksters. They too have a prank war going between them, which started when they were filming for Ocean’s Eleven. And every time Brad pulled a prank on Clooney, Clooney would always manage to top that, even if it could get him arrested. Some persistence.

John Krasinski
We all love how Jim from the TV show, The Office, messes with Dwight all the time. And when John Krasinski switches on his “Jim mode” in real life and pranks Jimmy Kimmel with his wife, Emily Blunt, things just can’t get any better. Together they have sneaked in zombie installation, reindeers, and Christmas decoration in Kimmel’s house and office. And to top that they even gift wrapped his car three times in order to spread the joy of Christmas.

Jimmy Kimmel
No matter how much you try to prank Jimmy Kimmel, he always manages to raise the standards and shock his opponents. His holiday tradition pranks with John Krasinski started at a very innocent, PG-13 level and soon got really messy (literally). From declaring a yard sale to gift wrapping John’s entire house to making it rain eggnog, Kimmel made every prank memorable.

Jimmy Kimmel
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