Jhankaar Beats completes 15 years and I, for one, think that it was a movie that was wise and realistic way before the world was ready.

It was Sujoy Ghosh‘s debut as a director and it is surely one of the finest. He directed the movie because most of the others had rejected the idea.

In fact, he had no idea about the nuances of being a director. He didn’t even know that he had to say cut after the first shot. (Yes, it happened) On the first day of shooting, he actually forgot to say cut, and Juhi Chawla with Sanjay Suri, who were part of the shot had continued to perform.

jhankaar beats

It might sound absurd or weird, maybe even funny; but the one thing that the director knew was his immense faith in the content of the movie. Yes, the movie was a hit. But it didn’t receive the appreciation that it should have received it.

After all, the movie was about life and choices. Whether it was choosing passion over a job or deciding to divorce or not, the movie happened to hit the right chords.


We see friends who were working the 9-5 job and yet not being satisfied with it. Does it ring a bell? How many times have we personally heard from our friends that were not happy with the career they chose? I, personally know people who are frustrated with their jobs and whenever they get a free time, they give all their energy to do what they are passionate about!

With Dil Chahta Hai, we saw new trends in the movie making. This movie was a tribute to R. D. Burman and it also gave us the brilliant duo- Vishal and Shekhar.


The use of satire, sarcasm, absurdity (when Rishi is more concerned about his collection of tapes than the fact that he is getting a divorce) has managed to make movies of this year seem mere nothing.

The dialogue and the story seem to make sense and relate to every millennial out there. While we can definitely see the Dil Chahta hai inspired weird haircuts, the movie also shows us how the three friends who are brothers. The oldest is responsible and mature, the middle one is troubled and clever, and the youngest is sweet and naive.


The movie showed us that friends that are as close as family. It also easily depicted the real-life problems that are often brushed under the rug. The expenses of having a second child, the innumerable sacrifices for them has never been portrayed so beautifully.

Friends helping and giving all the tips so that he can woo the girl he loves, to showing that even marriages have problems, Jhankaar Beats is a highly relevant movie of today’s time.

Jhankaar Beats is one of the movies that makes you feel as if they are showcasing your life. What do you think about it?