Jurassic Park took us to a world we all wanted. T-Rexes, brachiosaurs, pterodactyls, the whole shebang. The wait has finally ended, for what might just be the biggest film of 2015. We’re super-excited to see Chris Pratt, Irrfan Khan and Vincent D’Onofrio save their skins from the dinosaurs in Jurassic World. Directed by Colin Trevorrow, the film has everything it needs to make it a blockbuster. Scary dinos, check. Chris Pratt, check. Velociraptors, check. Superb CGI, check. A groundbreaking film experience? We sure hope so! Here’s a few factors as to why Jurassic World might be the biggest film to hit theatres in 2015!   

With brilliant performances in films like The Namesake, Life of Pi and The Amazing Spiderman, he’s been part of some jaw-dropping franchises. Currently working on Inferno with Tom Hanks, the gifted star plays a key role in Jurassic World. How, you ask? He OWNS Jurassic World. No, seriously. He plays Simon Masrani, the CEO of the Masrani Corporation. 
It has Chris Pratt
We loved Chris Pratt in Guardians of The Galaxy. We loved him in Parks and Recreation as well. Thanks to his role as the Star Lord, he’s perfect to play the utility belt toting toughie who can tame dinosaurs!
Velociraptors have been tamed
Now taming dinosaurs has been a big no since day 1. But Jurassic World actually manages to change your mind about that. Velociraptors have now been tamed! Chris Pratt rides with them into a forest too!
It has a Mosasaur
We don’t know what this beast is. Think about crossing a shark and a crocodile and then multiply the size factor by x5000. Voila, you have your own mosasaur. This fantastical creature has us squealing with excitement for sure! 
It’s got futuristic rides
The first Jurassic Park was a half completed park, where most of the rides didn’t work. 22 years later, John Hammond’s dream has reached fruition. Jurassic World boasts of functioning gyrospheres, a monorail, a river cruise and a safari tour!
It’s back after almost 10 years!
It’s been a while since the last Jurassic film released. We’ve missed the high octane action, the nail biting chases and of course, the dinosaurs. Almost 10 years have passed since we’ve walked through the towering gates of Jurassic Park, and we’re hungry for more!
Check out the trailer for Jurassic World here, if you haven’t already!