The Kapoor scion before Ranbir Kapoor, the man who charmed Neetu Singh off her feet, and the man we all know as Akbar from Amar, Akbar, AnthonyRishi Kapoor. Also known as Chintu by his near and dear ones, he remains, to this day, one of Bollywood’s finest veterans. Kapoor Sr. joined Twitter a while ago. And boy, is he funny! From hilarious videos, to some plain ridiculous tweets, he’s a riot on the popular microblogging site. Want to know why @ChintsKap‘s tweets are a trip you don’t want to miss out on? Read ahead:

Because he still says YO:

Because he finds this hilarious:
Because he also discovers alternate energy sources:
Because he pulls #ThrowbackThursdays like no one else:
Because he channels his inner Grumpy Cat from time to time:
Because he has a superb eye for detail:
Well, we’re glad you “Twittered”, Rishi Ji!