Single-screen theatres are the best. They are much better than the multiplexes we all flock to these days. If you just want to watch a movie, sure, go to a multiplex. But if you want to experience a movie, the single-screen theatre is your only resort! Don’t believe us? Give it a try. Go watch a Salman movie at Regal in Mumbai and you’ll never forget the experience. Read on as we give you reasons to leave behind the comfortable, plush leather sofas, where people quietly sip on their Cokes, and smile politely at jokes that are supposed to make you ROFL. Give in to the LOL, LMAO kind of movie-watcher we know you actually are inside. This is what you’ve been missing all this while. 
Audience experience
The non-stop whistles, the raining of coins (a recession just passed) and the shirtless dances- all that and much more. For a full-on experience, chuck your balcony seat and join the masses in the stall area. Trust us, this level of energy and this kind of love for Hindi cinema isn’t something you’ll find in a multiplex.
Cheaper popcorn
Who doesn’t love cheaper popcorn? Sure you won’t get your caramel-glazed tub-full, but there’s a reason the salted ones are called classic!   
The huge-ass screen
We call it the silver screen and you won’t understand why, until you have actually watched a film on the big screen. Some of these single-screen halls have maintained their screens so well, they can put the multiplexes’ rationed-size screens to shame! 
Size matters 
Some of these old theatres have the capacity to seat a 1000 people per show. It is amazing! The gladiator-like effect (sans the special effects) makes it totally worth it. 
Old is Gold, after all
‘Watching DDLJ in Maratha Mandir’ has become a Bollywood-culture reference point. Some other amazing theatres in Mumbai that’ll give you that 90s feel are Chandan, Regal, Liberty, Erosand the 7 Gs of Bandra – Gaiety, Galaxy, Gemini, Gossip, Gem, Grace and Glamour
Find the single-screen theatres in your city and go watch a movie there. Love it or hate it, we promise, you won’t ever forget it!