The Mission: Impossible series is releasing their sixth movie with Mission: Impossible – Fallout and it’s going to be bigger than ever! The talented & sexy agent Ethan Hunt played by Tom Cruise is going after the bad guys with all guns blazing! The actor has done all sorts of things to get us excited for the movie. He has gone out of his way to promote the movie and has worked really hard on some amazing stunt sequences. We are sure all of you loved Tom Cruise in every movie in the MI series you’ve seen. Isn’t he just absolutely irreplaceable? We give you five reasons why he’ll forever be our only Mission: Impossible agent.

Because he can break the box office
Come a Tom Cruise movie, and there’s always a boom, boom, bang at the box-office. With the huge fan following he has, there’s not much that can stop the moolah from minting itself.  And Tom Cruise has proven it once again, with Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation earning over 600 million dollars at the box office, and the newest one is set to break that record.
Because it cannot get Cruisier than Cruise
Ethan Hunt is a handsome, medium-height Caucasian male. And Tom Cruise gives Ethan his superb acting skills, his intense spy meets sexy-at-50 looks, his ability to pull off tongue-in-cheek lines with a wink, a body that looks ridiculously hot and his effortless *will make you swoon* smile.
Because action can be his middle name
Tom Cruise’s success in action films like Knight and Day, Days of Thunder, Minority Report and The Last Samurai make him the perfect choice for an action film. Stunts like climbing the tallest building in the world in the last Mission: Impossible film to doing some serious dangling from a cargo plane while chasing the bad guys in this film, he has done it all.
Because it’s near-impossible when not with him
We are used to him playing the IMF agent and we love him. He owns the character. If they replace him with a new actor, chances are the movie will be boycotted by all those who love him as Ethan Hunt. Would you watch the next Pirates of the Caribbean movie if Johnny Depp wasn’t playing Captain Jack Sparrow in it?
Because he is the BHAI of Hollywood!
Who else can make ridiculous jaw-dropping stunt scenes look credible? Hanging from the Burj Khalifa skyscraper and getting away with no scrapes is not something everyone can pull off. Unless of course, you’re talking about making Mission: Impossible in Bollywood, then you just need to cast our Dabangg man. But then again, that’s meat for another article!