If Will Smith was your best friend…

We all need a cool best friend. You know the kind, the one that makes you awesome! Not the one whom you call to bail you out, but the one sitting next to you in the cell. A whole lot of crazy antics in every life is instigated by that one friend. What about having a super awesome best friend? What if it was Big Will? Yup Will Smith, what if he was your best friend? How would your life be any different? Hollywood has given us enough number of buddy movies and quite a few of the epic ones feature this superstar. From rapper to TV star to movie star to all-round good guy, Will Smith has worn many hats. Who wouldn’t want him for a best friend! 

1. Will Smith would be able to give you epic excuses. For eg: 

2. He would be able to school you on the world of Rap

3. He never forgets an old friend or buddy

4. Will also knows the truth about life

5. He knows when to keep his big mouth shut:

6. He tells it like it is

7. He will give you the Bro-est speech ever! 

8. He will also call you out:

9. He can definitely upsell you to the ladies

10. He will dance the Carlton with you

That’s 10 instances where Will Smith would be epic as your best friend. So tell us, how awesome would your life would be with Will? 

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