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Is Wonder Woman Only For Women? America Says No!

As many of you know, Wonder Woman releases across theatres in India and the US this week. While exclusive screenings for women are common in our country, for the first time, a theatre in Texas has opened shows only for women. Movie theater chain Alamo Drafthouse decided to have three exclusive screenings for the female audience, among 70 shows, and the Americans are not too happy about it. While they haven’t been happy about much since Election Day, this one takes the cake! Men were outraged that they were not allowed in these screenings, stating it as a violation of their civil rights. Let’s look closely at what happened.

Many movie theatres across India have movie screenings just for women. It can be a place of exclusivity, an experience with your gal pals, or simply a safe zone away from the eyes of leering men. This practice is however unheard of in the US. But when Wonder Woman came along – the first female superhero to have her own movieAlamo Drafthouse felt that women-only screenings would be a good way to reach out to the female audience. Which kinda worked! Women across the country are excited to see Gal Gadot in action, and what’s better? This movie is piped to be better than all the male hero movies in the franchise.

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While women in America rejoiced, the men were not too happy about the situation. It was kind of like the opposite of the election results. They stated that the move was sexist, and protested against the screenings. One of them was so despondent, he filed an official report with the New York City Human Rights Commission, and if that wasn’t enough, he appeared on television to voice his opinion.

As the protests grew, Alamo Drafthouse put out an official tweet claiming that they did not intend to cause any kind of uproar. A film directed by a woman, starring a woman, would naturally have a large female audience, and the idea was to bring that audience together. Despite hurting several male egos, the theatre has decided to continue with its women-only screenings as of now. The shows are also being sold out quickly.

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Meanwhile, in India, you can catch the movie with your male and female friends, as no exclusive screenings have been scheduled yet. Book your tickets here!