Some say that a father is meant to be his children’s biggest pillar of strength. But it is hard to stay strong if your father happens to be an alcoholic, who only wants to take advantage of your fame and money. While that sounds odd for normal people like us, it holds true for many celebrity kids. Some fathers have abandoned their kids, some exposed them to an inappropriate lifestyle, some even stole their kids’ money, while others have had bizarre relationships with them. Today, on the occasion of Father’s Day, we give you several reasons to appreciate your father, especially after you go through our list of the worst celeb dads ever! Take a look:
Charlie Sheen would rank number 1 on Deadbeat Dads of the Century list. The reason? Alcoholism struggles, drug binges, domestic abuse claims, rehab trips, romps with adult film stars…do we need to say more? Over the years, Sheen has been keener on having the time of his life, than looking after his five children from three different women.
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The Annie Hall director was the subject of a huge scandal when it was revealed that he had a relationship with his live-in partner Mia Farrow’s adopted daughter, Soon-Yi. This caused a bitter break-up between Farrow and Allen, who is now married to Soon-Yi. Suddenly Jaime and Cersei Lannister seem like the most normal couple ever.
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Michael Lohan
Lindsay Lohan probably has the worst parents on the planet. They had turned a blind eye to her issues as a child star, taken advantage of her success, and publically blamed each other for her struggles. Alcohol and drug addict Michael Lohan has also been to jail on various charges, such as domestic abuse, insider trading, assault and DUI. Check out his mugshots of each occasion:
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Joe Jackson
What father would capitalize on his famous son’s death to promote his own music company? Michael Jackson’s father, that’s who! Joe Jackson was responsible for crafting his children’s careers, which gave him the self-proclaimed right to claim MJ’s estate. He is also known to have mentally and physically abused his kids in the past.
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Matthew Knowles
Many celebrities, especially young ones, choose their parents to be their managers, a decision which has broken many relationships in Hollywood. Matthew Knowles too managed his daughter, Beyoncé’s career, until she fired him for stealing money from her. Even though she admits that their relationship still stands strong, both Beyoncé and her sister Solange skipped his wedding ceremony in 2013.
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Gabriel Aubry
You may not have heard of this French-Canadian model, but he is the baby daddy of Halle Berry’s daughter, Nahla. After their separation, Berry and he were involved in a highly publicized custody battle for their daughter, which resulted in Aubry getting $16,000 a month in child support. Since then Aubry decided to give up his career and live off the monetary support meant for his child.
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Tom Cruise
After his separation from Katie Holmes in 2012, Tom Cruise abandoned his daughter Suri, now being raised solely by Holmes. The actor hasn’t seen his kid in over two years, claiming that his busy schedules were keeping him away from her. Seems like parenting is Mission Impossible for Cruise.  
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Eddie Murphy
The comedian was in a relationship with Spice Girl Mel B, but broke up with her while she was pregnant with his baby. He demanded a paternity test, and even after it was proved that he was the father, he refused to share the responsibility towards his child. In fact, he did not see his daughter for over three years after she was born.
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Hulk Hogan
Warning: You will need a paper bag to throw up in after you read this! Wrestler Hulk Hogan and his daughter Brooke have the strangest and most inappropriate father-daughter relationship ever. He has made several sexual comments about her on Twitter, even posting a picture of her legs. On another occasion, he was caught on camera applying lotion on the thighs of bikini-clad Brooke.
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David Hasselhoff
Baywatch showed us how David Hasselhoff swims like a fish. Apparently, he drinks like one too! One of his alcohol-fueled binges involved him lying on the floor of his house, eating a burger off the floor. How do we know this? His teenage daughter shot the whole thing on her camera! 
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