Going by the recent slew of Hollywood releases, stand-up comedians, TV stars and sportspersons have proved that just about anyone can be in a big ticket Hollywood blockbuster. With performances by people who aren’t actors per se, Hollywood’s a welcoming place. One such profession that has found a calling in Hollywood is wrestling. With crowds flocking to the cinemas to watch beefed-up professional wrestlers beat the crap out of others, there’s something about wrestlers-turned-actors and their box office appeal. Not just Dwayne Johnson; There are many more strongmen joining the ranks of Hollywood. Here’s a few:

Dave BautistaThat Dude with the Green Skin

After making all the right choices with great roles in films like The Man With the Iron Fists and Riddick, Dave Bautista cemented his position as a bankable actor with his role in Guardians of the Galaxy. Unlike most wrestlers, he’s actually able to emote while throwing a punch. Maybe that’s what works for him.

Dwayne “The Rock” JohnsonAs expressive as a Wooden Board

There’s one thing about Dwayne Johnson you can’t deny – everyone loves the big guy. What they don’t love is when he acts, or rather, tries to. He usually has the same expression in every scene, but who cares when you flaunt a physique like that, right?

John CenaWe Wish We Could Unsee This

As much as we’d love to see John Cena stay true to his credo of “You can’t see me”, we’d give anything to unsee him in 12 Rounds and Trainwreck. Stick to the ring, my brawny friend.

Kevin NashA dancer Who Cannot Dance

When you look at Kevin Nash‘s character in the Magic Mike films, you’ll quickly realise that he’s supposed to be a dancer in a strip club. However, the one thing Nash cannot do (apart from acting convincingly), is dance.

Apparently, pumping iron does have its benefits. You get to be a movie star.