2015 was a mixed bag. There were moments our country shone bright (remember, Mangalyaan?), there were moments we were reminded by nature the importance of standing together and helping each other (Chennai and Nepal disasters). There were times we felt proud of our technological advancements when Cochin got the world’s first all-solar powered airport. And then there were other moments. The ones that wiped the smiles off our faces and we were forced to roll our eyes.

We guffawed and we also went "WTF?". We have picked the top five times the world, our country and our fellow countrymen made us go whoa!  

Anushka Sharma ODI backlash
When Anushka Sharma was blamed for India’s poor performance at the ICC Cricket World Cup.  

Deepika Padukone’s TOI controversy
When The Times just wasn’t with the times!
Singer Abhijeet Bhattacharya’s comment in support of Salman Khan 
When someone suffered a heavy dose of his foot in his mouth. Or, was it a case of acute attention seeking syndrome?  

Aamir Khan’s reaction to the AIB Roast
Aamir felt "disappointed by it" and the rest of the country by his opinion.  

Twitter erupted with memes and we literally rolled with laughter. All thanks to the Censor Board‘s attempt to do their bit for the ‘swachh bharat abhiyan‘  

Can you think of any other WTF moments from 2015? Comment and let us know!