If you thought YouTube is the home of cat videos, and Miley Cyrus’s twerking, then. You haven’t explored YouTube too well. The hugely popular video website has given rise to several celebrities, one of the biggest being Ray William Johnson. With over 10.7 Million subscribers to his YouTube Channel, he holds the third place in the list of subscribers.

Soaring to heights with Equals 3
Ray William Johnson began his show Equals 3, soon after he graduated from college, in his dorm room. He reviewed viral videos and provided them with witty and humorous commentary. This 3-minute program gradually generated several views and established him as a celebrity YouTube blogger. Each of videos get a minimum of 9 lakh views. His videos typically get more viewership of more than 99% of regular television programming. There were several celebrities who featured in a few episodes, some of which are Robin Williams, Zac Efron, Jason Biggs and Kristen Bell. After his successful series, he went on to start a podcast, a cartoon web series (Riley Rewind) and several music videos all of which are highly-successful.


The end of Equals 3
Ray’s unexpected retirement
Earlier this week, Ray announced news that startled all of his fans. He decided to call it quits, and declared in his last episode that he will no longer host the immensely popular show, Equals 3. In his four-minute retirement speech, Ray announced that the show isn’t fulfilling his creative requirements anymore. He also felt like he has grown out of internet comedy, saying “I’ve written more jokes for viral videos than any one human should ever have to write.” But fans of the celebrity blogger mustn’t be worried too much, as his presence in the entertainment industry will still be strong.
He promised his viewers that he will come up with something bigger that may even include a television deal with FX. However, Ray will still be the producer of Equals 3 and Riley Rewind with Akana (who is not only an actor, director and script writer, but also his girlfriend). Johnson also mentioned in the video that he requires a new host for the show. But the huge challenge here is filling his place and playing the role of a spectacular host. Though he hasn’t specified how one can zero-in on his territory and get shortlisted, he did mention that it would take atleast two months to figure things out.
Why we will miss the undisputed internet troll king
Even though Ray William announced in January 2014 that he would quit the show soon, nobody ever took it seriously, until this week. Ray brought out the best and funniest viral videos and provided waggish commentary to them. He embraced and represented several trolls and topped it up with some harmless humor. He spared nobody with his comical remarks, not even himself. He often gave his audience a chance to interact and participate on the show by letting them ask witty and unusual questions using the YouTube comment section. We will surely miss the weekly program of Equals 3, let’s hope he comes back and rules, not just the internet but the entertainment industry as well.
In the meantime, you can catch all of Ray’s video which gave him the celebrity status. Just make sure you catch a glimpse of it at http://youtube.com/RayWilliamJohnson.

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