Verdict: One of the most fun movies you'll watch, animated or not

Here's wisdom! Stop everything you are doing; treat yourself and everyone you love to Zootopia NOW! The movie is that much fun. It makes you go awww, it makes you laugh out loud and most importantly, the movie entertains thoroughly. 

The movie sets the bar high in almost every department for other films to follow. The plot isn't the most novel but when did we last head to enjoy an animated movie for the story? The content is rich; complete with humor that is endearing and even intelligent. 

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Zootopia tells the story of a city where animals, whether predator or prey, live together in harmony. Judy Hopps (Ginnifer Goodwin) is a rabbit who has forever dreamed of becoming the first bunny cop in the ZPD (Zootopia Police Department). Her family though not very sure, encourages her to help with the family business – Carrot Farming — in Bunnyburrow, where the “population clock” ticks up every second (guess why). Hopps persists though and indeed becomes the first bunny cop in the ZPD – Officer Judy Hopps. While in Zootopia, Officer Hopps strikes an unlikely friendship with Nick Wilde (Jason Bateman), a "sly fox" who is also a con artist (guess why, again). Both team up to crack a case of missing animals in Zootopia. 

As the plot unfolds, you are introduced to other charming characters like Chief Bogo (a brilliant Idris Elba), a buffalo and the Chief of ZPD, the incredibly cute Officer Benjamin Clawhauser (Nate Torrence), an obese cheetah, the adorable sloths, Leodore Lionheart (JK Simmons), the Zootopia Mayor and of course, if the name didn't suggest already, a lion, and more. One wonders (and even wishes) if the sloths will do for Zootopia what the Penguins did for Madagascar.    

Zootopia - BookMyShow

What works beautifully for Zootopia is the sweet balance the movie maintains between humor that is subtle and in-your-face. You will do well to constantly look out for fine jabs, wit that isn't most obvious, and smile. Watch out for the logo behind Officer Hopps' phone, for instance. Zootopia also scores with the message it conveys. Whether it is how persistence is the key to success or the understated yet very relevant moral that one rotten apple does not make the entire basket awful, there is something to take home here.    

The last hour of the movie though fails to keep up with all the brilliance Zootopia builds before and monotony does seep in a tad bit. Nothing you can't forgive though. 

Why You Should Watch This Movie:

You must watch this movie because Disney has a winner here. The dialogues, the characters, the humor; all are top-notch. Watch it now and when the DVD is out, buy one and watch it a few more times. And of course, who says no to Shakira?