Sunburn season is officially in full swing! With an amazing line-up featuring Dimitri Vegas, Bauuer, Krewella, Anish Sood and more, Sunburn Goa promises a December filled with mind-blowing EDM.

When it comes to music festivals, you can never predict the situation. The outdoors are fun, but with thousands of music lovers present, things might get pretty wild. Everybody who doesn’t want to end up miserable needs the basic essentials like water, a raincoat and their ticket. But besides those, here’s a list of things that will make your Sunburn experience better. Read on.

Fanny Pack

Fanny packs are quintessential. You don’t want to carry your bulky backpack or purse to a music festival. Switch to a hip fanny pack and enjoy hands-free comfort!

Portable phone charger

Because your phone will die. You don’t want get lost in the crazy crowd, do you?

Dry Shampoo

It’s okay if you don’t really care about your hair, but you sure don’t want to be dirty or smelly! Dry shampoo works like magic! Just give it a try.

Shower Wipes

After hours of dancing, chances are that you will get sweaty and gross. To avoid such a situation, carry plenty of shower wipes. Quick. Easy. And it smells good.

A comfortable pair of flip-flops

Don’t opt for boots or those killer stilettos, always stick to flip-flops or a pair of sneakers. They are comfy, user-friendly and ideal for Sunburn Goa.


An absolute must-have! Don’t forget to pack your favorite pair of sunnies. Also, you can always pick funky shades from the flea markets of Goa at a dirt-cheap price.


Ensure that you are carrying a lot of cash with you. Running around in search of an ATM might not be a very good idea.

Flash Tattoos

This is especially for the girls. Please get over those floral headbands! Flash tattoos are the must-have accessory this season. The jewelry-inspired metallic tattoos will add punch to your festival outfits.

Inflatable backseat car mattress

In case you can’t find a place to stay, you can always sleep in your car. To make it a little comfortable, you can carry a backseat mattress for emergency purposes. And voila, you have the most comfortable place on earth!

A jacket

Even if it’s scorching hot during the daytime, you never know if the temperature will drop at night. It can also work as a pillow and something to sit on!

A lighter and fresh mints

Do you want to make some new friends? Always carry a lighter and fresh mints.

Festive vibes

Spread the cheer and feel the good vibes of Sunburn Goa 2014. Run wild on Goan beaches, stuff yourself with good food and experience some awesome EDM!

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