15 Catchiest Songs You Cannot Help But Dance to

There are some songs that you just can’t stop listening to. They have the right beats, catchy lyrics, and unique dance moves in the video that make them so addictive. Recently, Ed Sheeran’s song Shape of You has become the most popular song of the season. No matter where you go, you could always hear this song playing somewhere in the background. And that made us think of all the other amazing songs that we have heard over the years and are still close to our hearts.

Are you wondering which other songs we are talking about? Scroll down to find out! We bet that you will not be able to stop yourself from singing out loud and doing those hook moves. These songs are priceless and we hope you enjoy and relive those days while watching these videos!

Queen – We Will Rock You  
If you were a badass kid and thought that you were too cool for school, this would have been your anthem.

Village People – YMCA
Whenever you hear this song, it compels you to do the YMCA action wherever you are. No matter how much you try, you can’t stop yourself from doing those moves. Don't worry, no one can.

Michael Jackson – Thriller
Watching Michael Jackson join the group of zombies and bust some crazy moves was the best things ever.

Los Del Rio – Macarena
If you were a 90s kid, this for sure would have been your jam. Watch those arms go!

Spice Girls – Wannabe
Another famous 90s song that totally pumps you up whenever you listen to it.

Lou Bega – Mambo No. 5
People who love to jive, this song is a cue for them to get on the dance floor with their partners and start dancing.

Shakira – Whenever, Wherever
This song is a very important reason why belly dancing has become such a popular dance form.

Beyonce – Single Ladies
It’s almost like Beyonce read every woman’s mind!

Psy – Gangnam Style
The Asian invasion that got us prancing and grooving at parties uninhibitedly.  

Pharrell Williams – Happy
This is one of those songs that will instantly bring a smile on your face whenever you listen to it. The dance that follows is just a reflection of how happy this song makes you.

Taylor Swift – Shake it off
Another most popular song by Taylo, which made us dance to our own rhythm on the dance floor. Who cares who's watching, right?

Mark Ronson – Uptown Funk ft. Bruno Mars
This song brings back that retro vibe and when it's fused with Bruno Mars’ moves, it becomes priceless.

Meghan Trainor – All about the Bass
A song that tells you to embrace your curves and do your thing. From the beats to the lyrics to the moves, this song is a hit.

Silentó – Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae)
This song has gone viral, thanks to its crazy moves. If you haven’t tried these moves, what are you even doing with your lives?

Justin Bieber – Sorry
No matter how much you say you are not a Belieber, this song did make you bob your head or tap your feet a little.

So are you in a mood to dance now? Comment below to let us know which are your favorite catchy song.