Whenever it’s time for Ganesh Chaturthi, the excitement to welcome Bappa is palpable and this year is no different. Every year, thousands of believers bring in Ganesha’s idol at least one day before the festival with evident fervor. While many find peace in Ganesha’s calming face, many move around the city with their DSLRs to capture this colorful bonanza. With the smell of flowers and modaks in the air, this festival of Ganesha is such a treat. Every mandal puts their best foot forward in terms of pandal decorations, sweets, programs, and of course, songs! While you got the decorations, sweets, and programs under control, we are here to help you with Ganpati songs that will put you in the festive mood and probably make you dance. Here are four playlists that go with each emotion one feels while welcoming the Lord and while bidding Him goodbye.

Ganpati Bappa Morya!

Ganpati is not restricted to being a religious festival anymore. It started off as a way to meet and exchange ideas and this festival has come a long way now. So much so that Bollywood has given us so many beautiful and energetic songs to welcome Bappa. Make sure you get your groove on with this killer playlist for when Lord Ganesha arrives.

Ganeshay Namah

How will it feel like Ganpati is here without a nice mix of sweet devotional songs and music that is welcoming for Ganpati? It just doesn’t cut it! If you want to play Ganpati Vandana or other popular aartis such as Sukhakarta Dukhaharta or Sindur Laal Chadhayo, this is the playlist you want. With such sweet, melodious songs going on the background, the spirit of the Ganesha festival is bound to take over you.

Ganesh Aartis

One of the best parts about having Ganpati visit your house or your society is the fun aartis every evening. All the members of the household or the society, young or old, come together with cymbals and the aarti thaalis and sing aartis or devotional songs for Ganesha. Again, more than a religious activity, it’s more of a social activity that is done with devotion. And you cannot deny the pleasure of singing something loudly and being a part of something bigger. Ganesh Aartis playlist has songs sung by stalwarts like Lata Mangeshkar, Asha Bhosle, Suresh Wadkar etc. Sing along the songs in this playlist and make your evenings memorable.

Agle Baras Aana Hi Hoga

Anyone who has ever attended Ganpati or has Ganpati idol at home knows how difficult it is to say goodbye to Him. It’s hard to get over the bond you feel with Bappa and it is at this time you need some smashing songs to lift yourself up as well as bid goodbye to Ganesha with all your heart. Like most mothers say, “Don’t say bye…say you’ll be back soon”, we say that to Ganesha with a similar sentiment. Agle Baras Aana Hi Hoga is a playlist you can play on the last day of the festival when it is time for Him to head home.

We hope you have a great Ganesh Chaturthi. #JustPressPlay and listen to the curated playlists full of aartis, devotional songs and Ganesha songs that will make you dance with joy!