If all you want to do is Live, Love and Dance, then Sunburn is where you belong. India’s largest music festival started with a brilliant idea to amass the party people who have a love for music. The first-ever Sunburn Festival was held at Candolim Beach, Goa in 2007 where music, entertainment, food and shopping came together. Since the past few years Sunburn has created a stage for the biggest DJs and artist from across the world playing top-notch Psy-Trance, Dub-step, House and Commercial music. Here is our list of the Top 5 Sunburn Concerts that can never be forgotten:

Sunburn Arena With DeadMau5 (2014) –

Yes, Sunburn made dreams come true for all the EDM lovers, when DeadMau5 made a short yet viral tweet of his tour to India. The most-awaited concert happened in Delhi, Bangalore and Mumbai gathering thousands of fans from all over India to get caught in the Mau5trap. He took off the mau5head and wore a Turban which had mau5 ears on it, and with this he dropped his remix of Daler Mehendi‘s ‘Tunak Tunak Tun’ adding a Punjabi tadka to the night.

Sunburn Arena With Tiesto (2013)

When the world’s greatest DJ is spinning, the crowd has to go “Maximal Crazy” (no points for guessing). 10,000 Mumbaikars witnessed this gigantic event, held at the Sunburn Arena. The crowd got into the groove, which was the perfect warm-up before the man of the moment, Tiesto blew away the mob with his music. The crowd was elated to a world of exhilaration. Tiesto treated his fans to the sound of his fresh single ‘United’, accompanied by one of Mumbai’s massive LED screen in the backdrop that gelled along with the pace, projecting visuals to go alongside Tiesto’s two-hour extensive performance, leaving the mesmerized audience craving for more.

Sunburn Goa (2009)

2 years after its inception, 20,000 citizens of Planet Sunburn made their base in Goa, for India’s largest music festival. Sunburn redefined itself when they launched the much-needed “After Dark”, as their residents could not have enough of the music, fun, food and shopping. The launch of the after-party which takes place at Butter Lounge made the Sunburn Festival a 24-hour event. Who wouldn’t want to dance and listen to their favorite songs, eat good food and shop from the best flea markets 3 days in a row, 24*7 (now that’s awesome!). Well, if you think this was too good to be true, Sunburn Goa 2009 added a cherry on top by adding a Thai foot masseur to pamper your feet after all the dancing.

Sunburn Arena With Swedish House Mafia (2012)

The legendary trio, Swedish House Mafia announced their farewell tour named ‘One Last Tour’, where they performed in Mumbai & Delhi. The stage was much bigger and their fans went crazier, as it was their first-ever gig in India. Sunburn residents gathered in a mass of 30,000 to bid their goodbyes to the EDM supergroup. It all seemed like a dream. The long-awaited One Last Tour in Mumbai was cancelled due to the ill-timed death of a prominent personality, leaving thousands of fans disappointed. But as they say “Don’t You Worry Child”, SHM had a plan to “Save The World”. SHM announced their revisit to Mumbai with a ‘surprise’, which happened in January and was as awesome as it could have been. The proudest moment of the night was the visual of the Indian Flag on the huge visual screen as they played their last set, creating ripples of joy and sadness together.

Sunburn Arena With Afrojack (2013)

The Sunburn Festival started and ended with none other than AFROJACK spinning his music. His canceled tour earlier that year did not affect the crazy fans who made it to Sunburn, Goa to see him spin his magic. Thousands of people flocked the space till Afrojack was up on stage. He played more of commercial music, yet he surprised his fans with new singles, old signature tunes and tons of mixes. Sunburn 2013 was taken to a whole new level and we couldn’t have asked for more.


Sunburn is the get-away from the worries of the world to a planet, where the music will be at the loudest and the happiness meter will be tuned to the highest. After being ranked by CNN as the 9th Best Festival in the world, it’s pretty obvious you can’t afford to miss the next Sunburn concert. Be a citizen of planet Sunburn and fly away to a world of good music, crazy visuals and a solid sound system with an amazing view of the beach.

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