5 of the best songs from Coke Studio

Coke Studio has reinvented the way music has been perceived, not just by one’s ears but by one’s soul. The live performances and acoustics have given a whole new dimension to music, covering every genre. With various artists performing various genres ranging from Sufi, Classical, Pop, Rock, Jazz, and Folk Music, Coke Studio was first produced by Rohail Hyatt in Pakistan in 2008, where it provided a platform for renowned as well as upcoming artists to showcase their talent. The variety and the freshness of the  music has pleased many music lovers, and has subsequently led to Coke Studio’s immense recognition and appreciation all over Asia. Its high acclaims made both the artists and the show viral. With the launch of Coke Studio in India, it created a huge stage for upcoming artists and a love for live music. Here is our list of the Top 5 Coke Studio songs and their artists that are bound to make a permanent place in your playlist:

Manzil-e-Sufi: Sanam Marvi

Sanam soothes every listener with her songs and has the voice of an angel (not exaggerating). The well-known voice of Coke Studio Pakistan is a Sufi and Folk singer. She is considered as one of the finest Ghazal, Sufi and Folk singers in the world. She brings a touch of peace and calm in every song of hers, which are mainly Punjabi and Sindhi. Sanam has the power to turn every ear. After performing all over the world, Sanam gained a huge fan following through Coke Studio.   

Aankhon Ke Sagar: Shafqat Amanat Ali

The much-appreciated artist of Coke Studio Pakistan took the show to another level with Aankhon ke Sagar. The soulful rendition has been a personal favorite of all the Coke Studio fans for the past 2 years. The depth of his voice has an instant positive effect on all his listeners, which brings a smile to one’s face. Known for famous Bollywood numbers like Mitwa, Bin Tere and more, he has grasped the Indian listeners by his magical voice, which is pretty hard to ignore.

Saari Raat: Noori

One of the oldest songs of Coke Studio Pakistan, this has been a personal favorite since forever. How many times do you come across a song which has love, sorrow, anger and joy merged into one beautiful song? It’s one of those tracks which is fast and fiery, yet slow and soothing. It takes you on a roller-coaster ride of emotions which, as the name depicts, will keep you up at night.

Madaari: Vishal Dadlani & Sonu Kakkar

A brilliant combination of Classical and Jazz Rock, Madaari has the energy from Vishal Dadlani and the  mellowness from Sonu Kakkar. The charm of the song lies in the combination of melodramatic lyrics and massive strings in the background. Madaari has its ups and downs, takes you on a soulful joyride, which creates a liking for itself in the first go.

Tu Maane Ya Na Maane: Wadali Brothers

The song talks about the purity of love, about how loving your beloved is equal to worshipping God. Wadali Brothers are known for their soft songs which are mostly Sufi, Ghazals and Classical. The duo can make you fall in love with their songs, and amaze you with the simplicity they define love with.

Treat yourself with an evening of good music and the brilliant artists of Coke Studio. Indulge in the songs by Sanam Marvi and Shafqat Amanat Ali performing live. Click here to book your tickets.

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