5 Bollywood Songs that Lost its Meaning Midway

Bollywood industry is quite famous across the globe when it comes to glamor and all the entertainment that it has to offer its audience. When we talk about Bollywood songs, the first things that come to our mind are the lyrics and the music. When we take a look at the song written by legendary lyricists like Gulzar and Javed Akhtar, we definitely can relate to the meaningful lyrics and good music that their songs had. But Bollywood has not always given us great and meaningful songs. There are quite a few songs where the lyrics have just not made sense. A few of these songs have hilarious lyrics and to add to it, you have the crazy dance moves as well. While some songs started off quite well, it soon lost its meaning when some weird lyrics were added to it.
Let's take a look at a few such songs that made sense at the start and soon made us think what is wrong with the lyrics.

Meri Mehbooba – Pardes (1997)
The song starts off quite well with lyrics like, "Zara tasveer se tu nikal ke saamne aa, meri mehbooba". But what really did not make sense was "O bla dee dee dee, O bla da da da, O bla do do do, what to do"? We all definitely must have thought what just happened to a good song, when we first heard it.

Humko Maloom Hai – Jaan-E-Maan (2006)
Lyrics at first made sense when it says "Humko maloom hai ishq masoom hai dil se, ho jati hai galtiyan". But once it hits the weird part where it goes like "mom maani nahi, dad naraaz tha. Meri barbadiyon ka woh aaghaaz tha" we pretty much know that we lost the song to the dark side.

Khwab de ke – Race (2008)
Till it was "Khwab de ke jhoote-moote, batiya banaye kaise, sajna anadi baiman" it was fine. What really did not make sense or probably should not have been added was "Hey mista, you say you want me as your lovha, but tell me now are you a playah? say wha? chika chika, chika chika". Say what?

Pyaar Pyaar Karte Karte – Judaai (1997)
We all remember the crazy dance moves that this song had to it. But what also was weirder was its lyrics. Started well with "Pyaar pyaar karte karte, tum pe marte marte, dil de diya" and soon turned out to be a little weird when "Haan haan haan, ya ya aiya aiya, ya ya aiya aiya" was added. It completely changed the entire tune of the song as well. 

Yeh Dil Deewana – Pardes (1997)
Pardes was quite a good movie and there is no doubt that it was appreciated by many. But there were a few songs that really lost its meaning even after it started off with good lyrics. What made sense was "Yeh dil deewana, deewana hai yeh dil" and the lyrics that really did not make sense was the biblical lyrical annexture "God saves the world, world saves the man. Man saves the heart, heart saves love". Much philosophy, very deep.

Which of these songs do you think has the weirdest lyrics? Let us know in your comments below.