5 Dance Songs You Must Have on Your Playlist!

Alvaro – Make Me Jump
The song is aptly titled! The intro to the song starts off with a lovely groove and then slowly and nicely drifts into a nice central theme, that is equally jumpy! Insane bass and insane drops, this song is a must have in your playlist if you’re the types who loves dance. And yes, Jump too!

Above & Beyond feat. Richard Bedford – Sun and Moon
Can we forget the brilliant Above & Beyond when it comes to dance music? They are not just known for their extraordinary songs that you can dance to, but have also got the unique skill of adding soul to their songs, which by the way is extremely difficult to do. Making a track is one thing, adding soul to it is something else!

Avicii – Enough Is Enough (Don’t Give Up On Us)
The insanely mad Avicii’s Enough is Enough is one song that will put you in a trance, literally! With soulful vocals, samples that can make a human lose total control, this song has it all. All the elements that will make sure that this reach your dance playlist.

Hardwell – Encoded
This is by far one of Hardwell’s craziest tracks. All this song needs is a good pair of headphones, a loud volume and a person high on music! The rest, Encoded will take care of!

Tiësto & Wolfgang Gartner – We Own The Night ft. Luciana
Tiesto is known for putting audiences in a dance-trance. An artist par excellence, this song has got quirky, yet brilliant samples. The song will stun you in ways you cannot imagine! One song to definitely have on your play list.

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