5 Hauntingly Beautiful Songs You Must Hear

Song: Estranged Artist: Guns N’ Roses This epic song rests on three things. Axl’s haunting voice, Slash’s brilliant guitar melodies and lyrics that are beautifully weaved. This 9 minute 51 second epic is a song from one of their best albums – Use Your Illusions II. The video brings a whole new meaning and life to this song. When you go through the lyrics of this song there are so many interpretations you can make of it. Right from a relationship point-of-view to a living a life point-of-view. If you haven’t heard this one, you’re missing something in your life.

Song: Someone Like You Artist: Adele We all know that Adele wrote this album (21) post her break up with her boyfriend. This song, somehow, nails the feelings that she’d been going through at that time. Not to mention, Adele’s beautiful and booming voice that breaks through every bad emotion that you may have felt in the past. A song that will make you feel low and light at the same time.

Song: Time Artist: Pink Floyd Who can forget Pink Floyd when it comes to hauntingly beautiful songs? The song “Time” from the album – Dark Side Of The Moon – is by far one of the best songs by the band. The genius of Roger Waters, the voice and guitar solo of David Gilmour will take your breath away. The lyrics of the song is depressing no doubt, yet is alluring at the same time. “Shorter of breath and one day closer to death” – Sums it up, doesn’t it?

Song: Whisky Lullaby Artist: Brad Paisley feat. Alison Krauss This is by far one of the most haunting songs to ever hit the World of music. Everything about this song  will shake you up. Right from Brad and Alison’s voice to the lyrics and most of all – the video. Guaranteed, this song will make one part of your heart weep.

Song: Hailie’s Song Artist: Eminem This song was written by Eminem for his daughter, Hailie. The lyrics of this song are brilliant and Eminem sings through most of the song. Yes, sings. The love for his daughter is showcased in full glory in this song. The ups and downs he’s faced and what not. The one thing that keeps him going is his daughter. A song that may not be as impressive as the ones above, but will definitely strike the right chord in your heart.

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