5 music videos shot in one-take

 A one-take video or a one-shot video is recording  a video which consists of a series of live continuous shots from the perspective of a single camera.

One-take music videos are a great way to show the aesthetic and production value of the song. Not only does it give the audience a visually different perspective, but also adds depth to the song. One of the pioneers of one-shot music videos is Michel Gondry. He changed the way videos are shot. We give you some of the most popular one-take music videos:
The Writing’s On the Wall, Ok Go (2014)

One of the most well-executed videos, The Writing’s On The Wall gained more than 7 million views within one week after it premiered in 2014. OK GO is known to make some elaborate one-take videos and this one is no less. This video took 2 months to shoot, and 65 takes to get the optical illusions in the video correct.
Take Everything, Greg Laswell (2010)

Greg Laswell "Take Everything" from Vanguard Records on Vimeo.

This might seem like a normal reverse video that features reverse shots of a house party. But what gives this video an extra edge is the fact that Laswell sang the song backward, so that it would be in sync with the video when played in reverse. Smart move!
Suger Water, Cibo Matto (1994)

One of the earliest made one-shot videos, Cibo Matto used the concept of reverse video. The video might confuse you at first, but a keen watch will show you a day in the life these singers – in chronological order. 
We are never getting back together, Taylor Swift (2012)

It’s a well-known fact that all of Taylor Swift’s songs speak about love and break up. But, have you come across a video that takes you an elaborate journey into her relationship? With many outfit changes and a number of set changes, this video is a visual delight! Shot in Sony F65 Cinealta, this video captures all the melodrama taking place in her life.
Love Letters, Metronomy (2014)

Love letters might seem like a video shot in an unfinished set, and have you wondering what’s special about this. The band plays in a hand-painted box. What makes the video stand out is when the camera turns 360-degrees around, every side becomes a new set, boasting of a completely new design. 
Challenging and completely innovative, one-shot videos are visually puzzling to the eye, but nevertheless bring out something new to the audience. Did you like our compilation? Let us know if there is any other video you would like to add to the list.