5 Puddle of Mudd Songs That Sound Better Live

It’s hard not to love Puddle of Mudd. One of the finest alternative rock bands of all time to emerge in the post-grunge scene, they’ve treated us to some truly unforgettable tracks over the last 18 years. Luckily for us, the band is coming to India. We are excited, and we know you’re psyched about it too. Finally, we can hear tracks like She Hates Me and Blurry, live in concert!

We have just the thing to help you while you wait for the band to arrive. Here are five Puddle of Mudd songs that sound better live; ones we hope we’ll get to hear live and we sure will be singing along:

Away From Me

A quintessential Puddle of Mudd track, Away From Me is best enjoyed live. Though the studio recording of the track is gritty and memorable as well, it doesn’t compare to a live version.


Who doesn’t love the intro to Psycho? If you haven’t heard this one live, do know you’re missing out. The way the band manages to blend rhythm and intensity is nothing short of outstanding.


It sure is hard to "control" ourselves when we’re listening to bootleg recordings of this song. We love Wes Scantlin‘s vocals on the studio version and the live version never fails to leave us awestruck either.

She Hates Me

We haven’t heard a love song that sounds as wonderful as this "hate song". Once you listen to She Hates Me live, it quickly becomes obvious why the track is one of the band’s biggest hits; one you know you’ve sung a few too many times sitting with a guitar and some friends.


Can a set by the band be complete without Blurry? Nope! You know that too. And you know you aren’t going to leave a Puddle of Mudd gig before they play you this song and you sing each word out loud with the band.

Still waiting? For Christmas? Book your tickets now, and you can hear these songs (and many more), live in person when Puddle of Mudd takes stage.