5 songs about Christmas you hardly hear

Christmas is coming! Can you feel it? Sure you do. You probably are listening to Feliz Navidad right now, getting into the mood, and waiting for the 24th!
You have your Christmas playlist ready. The usual. A little bit of Decking the Halls here, some Jingling Bells there, and a whole lot of Fa La La La in between. There you have it – your perfect White Christmas!

But do yourself a favor this Yule season. Take a break from the regular carols, and give these offbeat Christmas songs a listen. They don’t usually make the cut on many occasions, which is strange, considering how awesome they are!

1. I Want You for Christmas

Christmas isn’t exactly the season where you mope around. Unless you have to. Probably because you don’t have that special someone to be jolly with. What do you do then? Listen to this amazing doo-wop number, of course!

2. Stop the Cavalry

A Christmas song with a political undertone? Consider me sold! This `80s classic by Jona Lewie has some superb drumming and speaks about the need for peace, which is exactly what Christmas is about.

3. Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer

First off, this song is hilarious! The video itself will have you in splits. But it gets dark pretty fast. Who would want to get run over by a Reindeer? Not your Grandma for sure.

4. Santa Baby

Sung by TV’s first Catwoman, this song is as Christmas-y as it can be! Just close in and give in to Eartha Kitt’s beautiful voice as she flirts with Santa.

5. A Spaceman Came Travelling

This is where Christmas meets space travel. In the song, Christ De Burgh wonders whether the star of Bethlehem was actually a spacecraft, and the angels were in fact, aliens. Mind = Blown!

So challenge the ordinary this Christmas season, and surprise your friends with your knowledge of unheard Christmas songs. If they don’t wish to listen, throw them under a passing Reindeer.
Happy Holidays!!

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