Come June 2014, and India is going to be swept away by the World’s most lively DJ duo, Dada Life. Well known for their larger-than-life antics and eccentric acts, this Stockholm-based DJ-Duo are here to show you how to have a good time.

We list out 5 things that will transport you into Dada Land.
1. The world’s 1st Dada land nation
 In 2013, the DJs sent out a petition to the United Nations asking them to recognize Dada Life’s  fictitious  nation – Dada Land, as separate country. A land of no rules, where one is free to do anything he/she wants. But this idea didn’t go down well with the Swedish government, and it resulted in their passports being seized. This didn’t stop the enthusiasm of this duo. These guys have been sending out diplomatic letters to nations all over the world for this recognition. Even if India doesn’t acknowledge the proposal, Dada Life is sure to create a high-on-energy show in Dada Land between 6th-8th June in Bangalore, Delhi and Mumbai.
2. Passport to Dada Land
Dada Life are giving their rabid fans a whole new reason to rejoice, and how! Dada Life are taking things to an entirely new level by introducing a passport to Dada Land. Yes, you heard that right. This passport enables you to have access to Dada Life concerts in any part of the world, without having to fret about the tickets being sold out. You don’t have to worry about the long lines or the high ticket prices; the passport will act as your ultimate gateway to Dada heaven.
3. Go Bananas over bananas!
Ever wondered what’s the reason behind the duo’s vivacious energy? Bananas. The duo derive their energy from the potassium-rich fruit and encourage their fans to do the same. Their fondness for the fruit reflects in all the shows, since inflatable bananas and banana suits are an integral part of their concerts. Banana is also the perfect club food, no matter how sweaty it gets, you can always peel and eat this fresh yellow fruit.
4. A champagne shower
It’s not the bananas alone that the team derives their energy from, but the lethal combination of banana & champagne is what works best for the team. They are ready to treat you by spewing generous amounts of champagne, in order to keep your energy high. Take our suggestion – avoid hitting the bar on Dada day, as you’re going to be showered by champagne, Dada style.
5. The Pillow fight
You can’t go to a Dada Life concert without expecting some bizarre fun. Brace yourself as you’re most likely to find yourself in a land of the “fluffy pillow”, resulting in pillow fights. The duo who still hold the Guinness world record for the world’s largest pillow, will enthrall their Indian fans with the same. We hope the Swedish DJ duo declare a pillow war on all inhabitants of Dada land.
So swear allegiance to the banana and champagne kings and get ready have a rollicking time at Dada Land.

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