5 times Bollywood did Ghazals right

Bollywood loves experimenting with music. But times have changed. Nowadays, no movie is complete without a party song filled with references to bikini-clad babes and booze. All thanks to rappers whose tunes and voices sound exactly the same.

But there was a time when musicians experimented with other genres of music as well. Especially with Sufi songs and Ghazals. We’d like to believe that there are people, young and old,  out there who have a soft corner for Ghazals. If you are one of them, then listen to this list of Bollywood Ghazal tracks. 

1. Hoshwalon Ko – Jagjit Singh

Film – Sarfarosh

2. Chithi Aayi Hai – Pankaj Udhas

Film – Naam

3. Chupke Chupke Raat Din – Ghulam Ali

Film – Nikaah

4. Badi Nazuk Hai Ye Manzil – Jagjit Singh

Film – Joggers Park

5. Dil Cheez Kya Hai – Asha Bhosale

Film – Umrao Jaan

Heavenly, isn’t it? 

Films play a key role in keeping musical legacies alive. They also provide amazing voices, like Jagjit Singh and Pankaj Udhas, a platform to showcase their prowess. Let’s hope we get to see more talented singers stepping up to create beautiful melodies in the form of Ghazals. 

Until then, 4 bottles of Vodka, anyone?

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