BookMyShow Jukebox Brings You 7 Mind-Blowing Podcasts

Sure you love BookMyShow app but have you explored our Jukebox yet? What exactly are you waiting for? JustPressPlay and listen to podcasts covering genres from humor to horror to current affairs. With names like Keh Ke Loongi and I Almost Knew That, you can rest assured that these podcasts are as amazing as their titles. Talk Radio never gets old and Jukebox is here to prove it.

Read on to know which shows have impressed our audience the most. And do not forget to click on the link to experience fun like never before.

#1 Keh Ke Loongi
Wanna know what a single woman feels like while living alone in a city like Mumbai? One of the most loved podcasts, Keh Ke Loongi features the ranting of three young women on a number of lochas and lafdas and issues. This is definitely food for the voyeur inside all of us. Listen to its latest episode where the girls argue about serious issues such as demonetization and also sing tapori Govinda songs.
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#2 Cricket Mahabharat
Cricket is not just a sport but a passion for many in our country. If you are one of them, you have to check out Cricket Mahabharat where Presenter Hrishi K is joined by two guests and together they discuss the gentleman’s game giving opposite sides of the argument on topics as simple as MS Dhoni in 2019 World Cup to relevant questions of whether T20 is really required.
Click here to listen to its latest episode to hear interesting debates around ICC.

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#3 Ho Kya Raha Hai
Listen to the hysterical duo Suresh Menon and Jose crack jokes on trending events in the most sidesplitting way. From Kachin’s commentary on a sport to Farnab Goswami’s obsession with social media, hear it all. And did we mention the hilarious movie reviews towards the end?

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#4 Zara Khauff Se Suno
Spooky, bone-chilling stories aided by an excellent sound design that will scare you with just the magic of human voice. Meet a man who lives with his dead wife and also a wife who discovers her husband’s unnerving past. Imagine a dude you meet at a poolside bar becoming more and more obnoxious as time passes by. Okay, bye!

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#5 I Almost Knew That
Listen to the aww-some love story of Sunil Dutt and Nargis, know how our brains can light a small bulb, know how one can travel around the other side of the world in 42 minutes and also get answers to questions like "why people stop when a cat crosses their path"? This and more in the very entertaining episodes of I Almost Knew That, a show that gives answers to questions we always take for granted.

#6 Football Fanzine
Find everything you need to know about the 2017 FIFA U-17 World Cup starting tomorrow as Atishay and Dhruv invite special guests over the show to talk of this grand spectacle that India is going to organize. Listen to the latest episode here.

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#7 Comedy Sammelan
Relive the old world charm of the cult haasya sammelans in this all-new audio format that will give you a one of a kind experience. With giggling and audience cheer in the background, hear hasya kavis present their content in the most traditional and classic style. You will feel like listening to their comic rhymes with table sounds accompanying the jokes on a roadside nukkad.

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Did you know? Jukebox isn't all about talk shows. You can listen to your favourite Bollywood songs of your favourite Bollywood films like Chef. Stay tuned.