Growing up in India during the ’90s was a weird experience. We certainly had to do a lot of catching up with most pop culture revolutions of the decade. Our only satisfaction came from watching music videos on Channel V and MTV. You remember those days, right? Gathering all your friends on a Saturday and gluing your eyes to the TV screen. Yeah well, if you remember that, then you may also remember that some songs were pretty bold for us to watch as kids. And needless to say, we grew up into the twisted psychopaths that we are today. Some childhood, eh!

Here are 10 such lyrics from 10 such songs that left us going WTF even before we knew what WTF stood for: 


On a scale of 0 to pre-rehab Courtney Love, how dirty is your brain? You only have your exposure to some weird ’90s music to blame for that. Detox, anyone?

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