Asha Bhosle has been the voice of the leading ladies of the Indian film industry for half a century now. She has sung romantic numbers, duets, dance numbers – you name it and she has done it. She has given voice to more than 12,000 compositions and even holds a Guinness World Record for being the most recorded artist. That’s actually a lot of songs, which makes us wonder if one can just converse through her songs. And it turns out, It is possible because we chose the most random situations and the hooks of her song perfectly explain everything. Check them now:

1. When you have ordered food and it is one second past the delivery time:
Inteha ho gayi intezar ki, aayi na kuch khabar mere yaar ki…

2. When the guy sitting next to you is so good looking that you are dying inside:
Ek tamanna jivan ki, main pyar tera hi paau,
Shadi tujhi se ho meri, chahe shadi ke din mar jau!

3. When you are hungry at home and your friend comes over with a pizza at the same moment:
Humko to yaara teri yaari, hai jaan se bhi pyaari

4. When it is the first Friday of the month and your drunk girlfriend is out of control:
GF: Zara sa jhum lu main
You: Arey na re na re na
GF: Zara sa ghum lu main
You: Arey na re na re na

5. When there’s a power cut at midnight and you are shit scared:
Raat akeli hai, bujh gaye diye…

6. When you are out shopping and find that perfect dress you’ve been looking for:
Tumse mil ke, aisa laga tumse mil ke,
Armaan hue purey dil ke…

7. When you have given up on your partner because they are dumb AF:
Aage bhi jaane na tu, piche bhi jaane na tu…

8. When you are partying because you still have the night to prepare for the exam:
Raat baaki baat baaki, hone hai jo ho jaane do…

9. When you feel anxious because your employee is leaving work to get married:
Ghar jayegi, tar jayegi, doliyaan chadh jayegi,
Mehandi lagai ke re, kajal sajai ke re,
dulhaniya mar jayegi…

10. When you just broke up and remember your favorite boots are still at your ex’s place:
Mera kuch samaan, tumhare pass pada hai…

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