The first week of April has just ended with the heat only getting worse. The best way to beat the heat anywhere in India is to flock to the mountains. The Himalayas, which exactly translates to the abode of snow, prove to be the perfect destination to visit during this time, since the cold isn't as harsh as in the winters.
Music fanatics have even more to look forward to. Even though the festival season might have ended with Sunburn, Supersonic, Enchanted Valley Carnival, SulaFest, The Lost Party, etc. all concluding over the past few months, the festival season has just kicked off in the mountains.
All the music festivals listed below focus on psytrance, which our country specializes in. While psytrance could understandably not be everyone's cup of tea, attending the festival and experiencing the vibe is enough to make you have a good time. There are reasons why past attendees rave about these festivals.
Apart from the music, the other factors that make the festivals attractive are its spectacular locations (anywhere in the mountains is scenic), art activities, camping, experience zones, mini flea markets, etc. The idea of these little gatherings is to savor the intimate setting, soak in the good vibes and immerse yourself in the cultural experience.
This list does not include dates or the lineups, since many of them are quite irregular due to various factors and challenges faced while hosting a festival in the hills. Make sure you check and stay up-to-date on their social media, especially Facebook pages. Most of these will be taking place over the next two months, before the monsoon kicks in. Here are eight of the most popular festivals:





Himalayan Music Festival (Dharamshala), Spacetrip Festival (Kasol), Rudraksha Festival (Parvati Valley), Digital Impulse (Manali), Indrasan Festival (Parvati Valley), Parvati Peaking (Parvati Valley), Shiva Squad Festival (Kasol), Kundalini Shakti Festival (Kasol).