Bollywood songs that got bullied!

Subash Kapoor‘s ‘Guddu Rangeela‘ that releases this weekend has found itself in the midst of a song controversy. The lyrics — ‘Kal Raat Mata Ka Mujhe Email Aaya Hai, Mata Ne Mujhko Facebook Pe Bulaya Hai’ from the song ‘Mata Ka Email’, has apparently hurt religious sentiments and a flood of emails is now forcing the filmmakers to edit the song. This is sadly not a standalone case of bullying by an enraged section of the population. There are many Bollywood songs that have courted controversies. From some hurting sentiments to some being stubbed by the Censor Board, here are songs that have been bullied. 

Aaja Nachle, Aaja Nachle – It invited wrath when some Dalit groups had a problem with the word ‘mochi’ (cobbler). 

Sexy… Sexy… Sexy, Khuddar – The song was changed after the controversy and ‘sexy’ was changed to ‘baby’. 

Dhan te nan, Kaminay –  The word ‘Teli’ was bumped out after a lot of objection was raised.  

Sadda Haq, Rockstar – The song featured a flag with "Free Tibet" written on it and due to the wrath of the Censor Board, it had to be blurred. 

Tu Gandi Achchi Lagti Hai, Love, Sex Aur Dhoka (LSD) Dibakar Banerjee‘s LSD was one controversial affair. The song in question was edited, words were changed and banned from being played in public.  

Watch the recent controversial song – Mata Ka Email, Guddu rangeela

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