Broadway Tracks For Your Workout Playlist

Working out can be fun if you do it right. And for the right workout, you need a kickass playlist. Most people think EDM is the only genre you can work out to. That is the biggest lie ever told! If you are not into the electronic-techno-trance kind of music, you do not need to listen to that when you are exercising. Instead, pick out some of your favorite fast tracks from any genre and pedal away on that cycle. For Broadway lovers, we have compiled a list of the best tracks from musicals that are perfect for a workout. These songs not only encourage you to hit the gym, but also give you the boost to keep on going. Take a look:


Whipped into Shape from Legally Blonde

This song was made to motivate. You don’t stop till you have achieved your goal for the day. The upbeat music with its energizing lyrics is exactly what you need when you hit that treadmill. The song is also perfect for Zumba, kickboxing, or any other kind of defensive training you’re into. Hear it for yourself:


You Can't Stop the Beat from Hairspray

Even if you want to, you just can’t stop the beat! We challenge you to stay still while this peppy number from Hairspray comes on. The song also talks about sizeism and how everyone is perfect. So don’t fret over the extra-large pizza that you had last night and just keep dancing to the music. Perfect for spinning and Zumba.


Cinema Italiano from Nine

One of the most perfectly choreographed dance performances in a musical, this catchy track from Nine will make you feel sexy in your own skin. Lose your inhibitions at the Zumba class by playing this song on loop. Working out to this while watching the video will also give you new body goals, thanks to Kate Hudson’s washboard abs.


Cell Block Tango from Chicago

Work out with the six merry murderesses of the Cook County Jail, in their rendition of the Cell Block Tango. This revenge song is perfect when you’re doing weight training exercises and even lightens up your dark mood. If you gym allows you to play music out loud, this song will help drive away all the creeps who stare when you work out.


The Schuyler Sisters from Hamilton

If you’re not addicted to Hamilton already, now’s the time to be. The Broadway musical of 2015 created a huge buzz after its debut. Its musical numbers won the Best Original Score at the Tony Awards. What you need for your workout playlist is the song of the three Schuyler sisters. This feminist song will get the gears of your cycle going in spinning class.


Dancing Queen from Mamma Mia

Feeling shy at Zumba class? No need to be! The popular song is meant for you to lose all inhibitions and dance your heart out. The Meryl Streep-starrer is perfect while working out, in your post-workout showers, and even at the club. Basically, whenever you feel the need to dance and need some inspiration, just listen to this song.  


Fabulous, Baby from Sister Act

Positive thoughts are the best motivation during a workout. Think about all that you have achieved, all the good you have done, all the friends you have made, and all the battles you have won. And if you have any more goals, put your best efforts into it. Then, one day, you’ll be fine and fabulous, wait and see. This song works for all kinds of workout regimens.


Raise You Up/Just Be from Kinky Boots

Not all days at the gym are fun. Sometimes you fall (even literally) and all you need is the perfect song to raise you up! This upbeat number from Kinky Boots is just the song for that moment. Don’t let your failures get you down. You achieve your goal when you achieve YOUR goal. And when someone else tells you you’re imperfect, ignore them and pedal away to this peppy track.


So now that you have heard these energizing tracks, it’s time to set your playlist. Get, set, pedal!

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