How do you like your caffeine? Black, iced or directly injected into your veins? Well, we all enjoy our kick differently, after all it’s the only legal drug available at the neighborhood store.

It isn’t surprising that many musicians also have a deep love for coffee. From Johnny Cash to Yung Joc, they have created some amazing tunes dedicated to coffee.

So, dear coffee addict, it doesn’t matter whether you are reading this in the morning, noon or night, go grab your cup of coffee, plug in your earphones and enjoy this caffeinated playlist.

1. Frank Sinatra – The Coffee Song

In this catchy tune, Frank Sinatra sings about the Brazilian coffee and girls that smell like a percolator. A bit old-fashioned but a lively track. Ever thought of shifting base to Brazil?

2. Bob Dylan – One More Cup of Coffee

A perfect song for those days when you just want to relax and enjoy your cup of comfort.

3. Blur – Coffee And TV

Give me coffee and TV! And no one gets hurt. Period.

4. Descendents – Coffee Mug

Okay, the duration of this song is only 35 seconds. But, it perfectly describes the mad rush when we almost die for our cup of coffee on a Monday morning. In coffee, we trust. Coffee mug… Gonna clear the haze.

5. Cream – The Coffee Song

Oh yes, a lot can happen over coffee. This groovy song from Cream’s debut album Fresh Cream is proof of that. Remember, it always starts with, "The coffee tasted so fine…"

6.Ella Fitzgerald – Black Coffee

A wistful track by the legendary American jazz vocalist. Go get your double shot of espresso and unwind to some good music.

7. Herbie Mann – Turkish Coffee

The moment when you get your perfect cup of coffee in the morning… Blissful, isn’t it? This lively instrumental piece by Herbie Mann is perfect for a happy dance to celebrate the moment.

8. Todd Rundgren – Espresso

With lyrics like "Fire me up a cafe latte… Sprinkle on that lots of chocolate in the middle of it", this song by Todd Rundgren gives the much-needed caffeine boost. Bean me and I will conquer the world!

9. Otis Redding – Cigarettes And Coffee

When talking about coffee and music, how can we forget this classic track? A classy ode to coffee and cigarettes.

10. Freedy Johnston – Coffee, Coffee, Coffee

"Give me coffee, coffee, coffee, coffee, coffee… And let me tell you, you have found yourself a friend".
Yeah, it’s that easy. Just make sure you don’t run out of the magic beans.

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