Coffee Ani Barach Kahi: Music Launch

The music launch party of one the most anticipated Marathi film of 2015 – Coffee Ani Barach Kahi was quite a star-studded event. Apart from the film’s cast including Vaibhav Tatwawadi, Prarthana Behere, Suyash Tilak and Bhushan Pradhan, many industry big-wigs made an appearance. The film is a love story that like the title suggests, starts with a coffee date. Gradually, love blossoms but neither of the two are ready to confess their love for each other. In the meanwhile, the girl’s family finds a suitable alliance and pressure the girl into marriage. Will their love find expression? Or will it evaporate like coffee steam? Well, that is for us to find out at the nearest theater!

Currently, there is a huge wave of love stories in Marathi cinema. Films like Duniyadaari, Mitwaa, and Timepass are among many others that were appreciated by audiences. Known for its comedy streak, this is quite a refreshing change as more and more people are finding Marathi cinema relatable and interesting. The industry is lit up with new faces like Prarthana Behere, Suyash Tilak, Vaibhav Tatwawadi and Bhushan Pradhan, who are serenading the Marathi audiences with their immense talent and good looks.

The Music launch was quite a gala event with Suyash Tilak hosting the bash. After the introduction of the cast and crew, the evening was filled with carefree banter and the actors were taking turns at pulling each others’ leg. Prathana Behere graced the event in a one-shouldered ensemble, with make-up and hair to match her spunky personality. Bhushan Pradhan wore a leather jacket which went well with his macho image. Suyash Tilak wasn’t dressed to impress but he certainly kept the atmosphere light and fluffy with terrific one-liners. While every one was tight lipped about their real love stories, they looked extremely excited about Coffee Ani Barach Kahi.
Coffee Ani Barach Kahi is a youthful film which has all the markings of a becoming a superhit. The songs of the film are melodious and the lyrics are an interesting mix of Hindi, English and Marathi. Composed by Aditya Pednekar, the music is sure to be on everyone’s playlist this summer!

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